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We want empower you to take charge of your skin care routine, and ditch conventional products for good!


Erin is a hairstylist and a certified organic formulator who loves working with people. She began her holistic journey while studying to become a hairstylist nearly a decade ago. This sparked an interest in her to learn more about the products she put on her body. After years of educating herself on what ingredients to avoid; she decided to learn how to become her own formulator, with a goal in understanding what ingredients were worthy of her skin and hair.


Erin soon realized she loved educating her clients on products, ingredients, and a more natural approach to beauty. She decided to begin teaching others in her community how to formulate for their own personal care needs.


Erin considers herself mother nature's full-time, lifelong student. She is currently learning new skills in vegetable gardening, herbalism, and food preservation.




Marissa was introduced to a natural lifestyle at a young age, growing up with a family that was very conscious of the ingredients in their food and products. It wasn't until she became a parent herself that she began to put a big emphasis on creating a more natural environment for herself and her family.


With a background in psychology, Marissa prioritizes the connection between mind and body; understanding that the proper care and attention to both leads to an improvement in overall health- and a more harmonious life. She takes a keen interest in exploring natural and unconventional ways to heal the mind, body, and spirit.


With the help of Erin's expertise in formulation, Marissa enjoys learning about the wide variety of herbs and organic ingredients that can be used to benefit the skin, and is always excited to share this knowledge with her community.


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